2013 Goals

The McHale Family ready to embark on new adventures in 2013
The McHale Family ready to embark on new adventures in 2013

I’ve always been a very goal oriented person – really anything I can check off a list is highly motivating for me. I regularly set goals/create to do lists for the short term, but until recently have never considered setting long term goals to give structure to my whole year. I’ve been working on some personal growth over the last 6 months and a recurring theme amongst all of the books and podcasts is goal setting, giving you something to strive for. So I figured sure, why not! I’ve tried to set my goals in a number of areas of life to allow me to round out my life and hopefully keep things in balance, so I’ve got everything from career, to fitness, to personal goals. The Hubby and I even set some joint goals that we are going to work on as a couple. He has also set his own goals which he posted on one of his blogs late last month (sorry I couldn’t tell you where to find them I have no idea).

I hadn’t really planned on making my goals public, but publicity also creates accountability. I may or may not also have a few other “private” goals up my sleeve ;).

Here we go these are my goals for the year:

  1. Double my income in the year 2013 by starting a side business. (More on that in a later post I hope)
  2. Pay off the car by March 1/13. – Last February we started our “Total Money Makeover” after reading Dave Ramsey’s book of the same title, and it has been life-changing for us in more than just the financial realm of life. If you have ANY debt at all seriously check it out, read it. It’s been an amazing journey for us and is really what has started my journey to self improvement.
  3. Run a 10K race – I know I can do this, but it’s fun to participate in the event!
  4. Run a 1/2 Marathon – got up to the distance last year but then was unable to participate in an event.
  5. Run a full Marathon – this will be the true physical stretch for me, farther than I’ve ever run before!
  6. List & sell our current home
  7. Buy a larger home hopefully with a smaller mortgage
  8. Read all the books on my reading list. (See reading list below)

While some of these may seem like lofty goals I think “Go big or Go home” is a good principle by which to set your goals. If they are easily attainable then you aren’t going to find it challenging enough to keep you interested (at least I’m not). And hey, if I only make it 3/4 of the way then I’ve still made it farther than last year and ultimately while I am always going to strive to meet and even surpass a goal that I’ve set – that’s just the way I am – making it even 1/2 way there on most of them is still pretty good.

Reading List:

  1. The Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey – finished Jan 4/13
  2. The Millionaire Next Door – Dr’s Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danko – Finished Feb 11/13
  3. Wisdom Meets Passion – Dan Miller
  4. Guerrilla Marketing – Jay Conrad Levinson
  5. Entreleadership – Dave Ramsey
  6. See You at the Top – Zig Ziglar
  7. $100 Start-Up – Chris Gilibeau – in progress
  8. No More Monday’s – Dan Miller
  9. Tribes – Seth Godin
  10. Love & Respect – Dr Emerson Eggerichs – started & abandoned 3/4 of the way through – good content, just not my style.
  11. Thou Shall Prosper – Daniel Lapin
  12. Becoming a Person of Influence – John C. Maxwell
  13. How to Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie

If any of these books look interesting to you and you’d like to support the site then check out amazon.com here and pick them up!


Dec 6 the Hubby and I started the Team Beachbody 60 days of Insanity workout.  We’ve had the package for a while but it has taken us a little while to get organized and motivated to actually get going on it.  So far I’m impressed.

I’ll be honest with you, the first um, 3 days for sure, but we’ll say week for good measure were some of the most painful days I’ve experienced after working out.  The only more painful workout experience I remember is my FIRST EVER day at bootcamp two years ago after having my daughter and being minimally active for an extended period of time. Ow. Otherwise I would normally consider myself to be in fairly good shape so I was a little surprised at how long the pain lasted.  Over the summer months I was going to bootcamp two mornings a week and running pretty much all other mornings.  At my peak I was running 22km, yup 1/2 mar.  But as fall crept along I kind of let things slide and had gained a couple pounds.

I don’t have a totally accurate starting weight because we didn’t have a scale. Our snazzy high tech-electronic one got washed out in the bathroom flood this summer (that’s a whole nother story).  We picked up an el-cheapo (I’m talking bottom of the barrel, low tech $9 no electronic parts CHEAP scale) at Walmart last Monday while Christmas shopping and I was pretty skeptical of it’s readings so I started weighing myself on the mail scale at work as well.  I was astonished to find our budget one was accurate. The first day of the program I would guess that I weighed in around 130ish which is still what I would consider an acceptable weight, but a little heavier than I like.  This morning I was looking down at 120lbs on the scale, and we’ve only been at it for a week and a half!

The package we bought came with an “Elite Nutrition Guide” as well.  They recommend eating 300 calories 5 times a day and ramping it up as the workouts increase in intensity and duration.  The plan gives multiple options for each meal. I followed a similar plan in the summer when I was going to bootcamp 2x/week and running about 4x/week training for a 1/2 marathon.  I’m always surprised and impressed with how little I actually need to eat when I’m eating properly, and how much better my body performs when I eat this way as opposed to gorging myself 3 times a day. I’ve also been using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone to help track my caloric intake a bit more accurately.

The goal of this whole deal was to fight the winter/Christmas bulge that we so often spend most of the spring/summer/fall trying to get rid of.  So far I would say this is working, and if I’m feeling brave when we’re done I’ll post the before and after pics, but I can’t promise that now, you’ll have to catch me on a good day later. 🙂

To Run or Not To Run . . .

Normally I would tell you that I am a runner.  Lately I’ve been struggling with motivation and I’m not sure I fit the bill.  Until early August my weekly routine was 2 morning boot camps, and three morning runs.  Then I had to go away on business a few times and my routine got all out of whack.  It’s funny how a short break in the routine can have such a lasting effect on your daily life! Now a month later I still seem to be having some motivational issues.

5:00 am just doesn’t feel that great to me right now, and it’s gotten dark.  I don’t know about you but I’m not a huge fan of running in the dark.  Working full time I don’t have a lot of other choices though. I can run early in the dark, or I can run late in the dark.  So I’m trying to work through this, I don’t want to give up running for the winter but some mornings I just can’t convince myself to go.  Some mornings I win the motivation battle.  Others I loose.

In part I think my problem is that I’m not training for anything in particular right now.  I’m not working towards any goal.  I was training for a half marathon in August, but for a variety of reasons I was unable to run.  Now I feel like I’m just kind of running aimlessly.  I am however trying to get back to a place where I enjoy it. Running has started to feel a little like a chore that I have to tick of my list everyday.  That makes being motivated hard.  So I’ve turned off the pace setter on my running app, and quit worrying about the distance that I’m running every week.  For now I’m going to run for the sake of running, and hopefully when I come across an event that strikes my fancy, I’ll be ready to go.


Sometimes being patient is SO difficult.  It’s such an important life lesson for little ones and I find that I constantly have to remind myself that if I want E to learn patience I have to model patience for her. She’s a great little kid, but still gives me many opportunities to practice this skill as I’m sure any child would. Truthfully I usually feel like I fail. Today has had its ups and downs but I actually feel like I have been wining the battle with patience. So often I feel like I’ve lost the battle so I have to ask myself what was different about today?

The only difference between today and any other day is that I’ve just come home from yet another weekend away and I guess that’s given me just a little bit more patience for her today. I have been away for work 3 out of the last four weekends throwing everyone’s normal routine out the door. I can only assume that to E when Mommy is gone over night Mommy is just gone and this is (or can be) traumatic. The sad thing is that once I come back I feel like for a few days she is SO desperate for my attention that she misbehaves constantly testing my patience to the limits. That seems to be the case today.

I left Friday to work at an event in Gibsons on Saturday  and despite my best efforts I didn’t get back until after she was in bed Saturday night.  I made sure that I picked up a little gift for her (a “Fairy Princess” dress) and stayed home from my run this morning so that I would be there when she woke up.  She was VERY happy to see me.  However after the initial excitement of Mommy being home wore off the naughties started and continued until we went to church.  Throughout her misbehaviours I found myself thinking – be extra patient, she’s a bit out of whack because I’ve been away.

Nooooooo Mommy

Around nap time this afternoon that extra helping of patience really became necessary.  I think she was afraid that I would put her down for her nap and then leave – as in go out and be gone when she woke up – I don’t know, maybe I’m reading too much into it, but she was obviously tired from a busy morning and very upset by the thought of being put in her bed.  Usually she goes down no problem, and if she cries it’s not for very long. We long ago developed our “system” for dealing with nap/bedtime melt downs and it’s usually very effective but today was different. Today the meltdown started as we were heading up to bed and lasted for over an hour. We rocked, I sang songs, we read books, we silently rocked some more and FINALLY she pooped out and fell asleep.  All the while I just kept reminding myself that this precious little person has just missed her Mommy and wanted me to play.

A much improved mood for the “fairy princess” after nap time!

In the midst of the meltdown I definitely considered just bringing her back downstairs to play but she was so evidently exhausted.  She just couldn’t calm herself down, she had herself so wound up that she couldn’t settle.  Finally after about 100 rounds of Jesus Loves Me she fell asleep and I was able to put her to bed. When she woke up it was like a whole new day had started.  She was happy, we played, washed dishes, vacuumed the floor, ran around outside, and all was good. As I sit here typing this I’m thankful for the opportunity to be patient with her, to love on her, and to teach and mold her into a beautiful little person. I hope that tomorrow I can continue to model patience and help teach her a vital life skill.

Family Trip to Hicks Lake

For the second day of my two day weekend we decided to take the canoe out to Hicks Lake for another day of paddling, fishing, and family play time on the water.  This was the first time that I’d ever been there despite the short drive to get there, and truthfully I can’t tell you why I’ve waited so long to head out that way.  It’s such a gorgeous little lake and one that I’d like to explore again! Perfect for a day at the beach and warmer than most.  It does seem to get deep quickly – at least in the places we were in, so it’s not great for wading, but it gave us opportunity to teach E to trust her lifejacket and actually float with it on.  Good times were had by all on the McHale team, and we returned home a very happy family!

Here are a few shots from the day to keep you smiling 🙂

“Helping” Mommy!
Snack Time!


I LOVE this shot of my little girl and her Daddy together!
Floating with Mommy

Paddling with the Fam on Chilliwack Lake

This weekend I was very lucky to get TWO days off in a row.  This is a rare occurrence for me in the summer as I work in a paddling shop so the summer season is our busy time and all hands are on deck for the weekend. To celebrate our two days of freedom my hubby and I decided it was way past time to introduce the little stink to the water.

Paddling has been our passion for a LONG time.  In fact the first summer we were married we lived in a tent and worked as wilderness canoe guides for a small summer camp in Ontario.  In more recent years we’ve mostly paddled whitewater but since having our daughter it’s become increasingly clear that it’s not all that practical or easy for us both to get out on the water unless we’re taking E with us too.

“Ready Go Mommy!”

Friday night I brought a canoe home from work, and Saturday morning we threw everything into the car and headed to Chilliwack Lake.  We were there by 9, and the lake was glassy smooth.  Our plan was to paddle to the end of the lake and park it for the day on a sandy beach that we’ve visited before. We couldn’t have chosen a better location.  The paddle was just the right length – it took us about an hour and a half – any longer and E would have become very impatient, but as it was she rode up front with me, spent most of her time standing holding the hand thwart and taking in the sights.  Regularly turning and saying – FUN MOMMY in her very excited little girl voice.  All I could think was WHY have we waited so long to share this passion with her.

A rare moment – E actually sitting on the center seat.

We spent the day on the beach, fishing, throwing rocks, swimming, going for walks and just loving being together as a family.

“Fishing” with Daddy

Around 2ish we decided to paddle back down the lake to the main beach.  Of course by this time the wind had started to blow and we were paddling into a headwind all the way back. For the Hubby and I this was really nothing major and the conditions were well within our abilities, but I have to admit that when your most precious cargo is sitting on the floor in front of you trusting you intrinsically to get her back home it does change your perspective a little bit.  Thankfully E had not napped yet and fell asleep about four seconds into the ride back down the lake. Somehow despite the constant splashing of water on her head and being bumped around by the waves she stayed soundly asleep until we were out of the wind and about half an hour from our take out. Once she woke she sat and contentedly drank the milk I gave her cheerfully chatting away about the things we had seen that day and asking to “go beach again”.

Havin’ a snooze in the canoe

In the car on the way home I remarked to my hubby that we so often choose not to do things because it seems like so much work to get ready and so many other things that should be done get left until “later,” but putting those things off until “later” is SO worth it for experiences like this one.  It was then that we decided that the household chores could wait another day and we would head out to another local lake tomorrow … but that is a story for another time.