Myself, Roxy & Curtis at the trailhead

Time on the Mountain

Our long weekend was crazy! We had swimming, fundraisers, church, shopping, and parties to fill our time, but Curtis and I managed to eek out a little date time alone on the mountain too.

As I mentioned in a previous post we’ve recently decided that we need to try and get out together a little more often so that we get a bit of a break and some much needed time alone together to reconnect.

Curtis took the lead this time and arranged for a sitter on Sunday afternoon. We decided we would go for a trail “run”.

Up Vedder Mountain we went.

I’ve been up there numerous times but I don’t think I’ve ever been all the way to the top. When you’re taking kids along you kind of go at their pace. Sometimes that pace is SLOW. It’s more about the journey then the destination.

When it’s two adults going things are a bit quicker. As I said Curtis and I were “running” which was really more like a fast hike, running sections here and there. We managed to make the 10km round trip in about an hour and a half. Slowed down mostly by the dog.

It was so fun to get out, enjoy something together that we seldom get to do alone, and chat.

I think Roxy enjoyed the trip too. She often gets overshadowed by the kids when we go as a family and our little hike probably felt a lot like the good ol’ days for her.

It was a little nostalgic for us too to be out together in the woods. We’ve always enjoyed being in the outdoors together so for us it feels a little like we’re getting back to our roots. We both feel most at rest when we’re outside and the conversation flows easily!

How about you? Did you manage to squeeze in a bit of time alone with your special someone this weekend? I hope so!

An early morning view

5:30 AM and Running

WHY ON EARTH would I get up THAT early? well let me tell you. . .

Generally I would say that I am NOT a morning person. In fact I HATE mornings. I do a lot of stupid things in the morning before I’ve had my coffee.  Despite my aversion to early mornings I am a morning runner. Those of you who’ve known me since my teen years, lived with me in college, or ever been an overnight guest will probably scoff at that remark. It’s funny how kids change things in your life.

I think that every person has their “thing” that lets them clear their heads, de-stress, and enjoy themselves. You know that thing in your life (maybe passion would be a good word for it) that when you’re doing your thing everything else around you falls away and you are 100% intensely focused on exactly what you’re doing IN THAT MOMENT, and when that moment ends you feel refreshed. For me it’s most things fitness related but especially running. I LOVE running, and I LOVE running in the early mornings. I HATE getting up though. EVERY SINGLE TIME my alarm goes off at 5:30 I consider not getting up, the catch is that I ALWAYS regret sleeping in, and NEVER regret running.

Post run snap shot!

Post run snap shot!

I know, I don’t work so if I despise mornings WHY do I go so early? When I’ve been for an early morning run I get to start my day with some personal time. (I resent anyone who messes with that by waking up early and trying to talk to me while I get ready to go.) I use that time to clear my head, pray, think through challenges in life, and catch up on podcasts. Some days it is the ONLY time I get to myself to process life. I find that I get to kick start my day with a fresh perspective and a good attitude and I am a much better parent for it. We live in a BEAUTIFUL area, surrounded by mountains, and it’s only a short run to farmland so I am constantly looking at an overwhelmingly gorgeous view. I can run 25km without using any main roads and encountering very few cars if I go early in the morning so my gawking is undisturbed.  If I wait until nap time and slip out in the afternoon or put it off until the evening I find that other things come up and I often don’t go, or don’t enjoy it as much. If I wait to shower until after my run and I don’t run until 2pm then I don’t feel like my day has started until after my run which means I find myself unmotivated, sluggish, and sometimes just plain lazy all day long. When I’ve been out for an early morning run I feel fresh, motivated, and ready to take on the world.  If I’ve run 15K, showered and eaten by 8 am then my head is clear, I am ON FIRE and ready to take on the world.

An early morning view

An early morning view

For some people it’s music, others art, my hubby cycles, I run. We all need something in our lives that gives us some personal time to process life. When you’re busy with family, work, play, and just life in general it’s easy to let other things get in the way. At 5:30 I am usually up alone, the house is quiet, the roads are quiet, and there is no one around to distract me. So I encourage you to spend some time figuring out what it is that makes you feel rejuvenated then set aside some time every week to enjoy it. You’ll be glad you did!

To Run or Not To Run . . .

Normally I would tell you that I am a runner.  Lately I’ve been struggling with motivation and I’m not sure I fit the bill.  Until early August my weekly routine was 2 morning boot camps, and three morning runs.  Then I had to go away on business a few times and my routine got all out of whack.  It’s funny how a short break in the routine can have such a lasting effect on your daily life! Now a month later I still seem to be having some motivational issues.

5:00 am just doesn’t feel that great to me right now, and it’s gotten dark.  I don’t know about you but I’m not a huge fan of running in the dark.  Working full time I don’t have a lot of other choices though. I can run early in the dark, or I can run late in the dark.  So I’m trying to work through this, I don’t want to give up running for the winter but some mornings I just can’t convince myself to go.  Some mornings I win the motivation battle.  Others I loose.

In part I think my problem is that I’m not training for anything in particular right now.  I’m not working towards any goal.  I was training for a half marathon in August, but for a variety of reasons I was unable to run.  Now I feel like I’m just kind of running aimlessly.  I am however trying to get back to a place where I enjoy it. Running has started to feel a little like a chore that I have to tick of my list everyday.  That makes being motivated hard.  So I’ve turned off the pace setter on my running app, and quit worrying about the distance that I’m running every week.  For now I’m going to run for the sake of running, and hopefully when I come across an event that strikes my fancy, I’ll be ready to go.