Kiboshed by the Kiddies

Ok, so I was going to follow along in my marriage theme today however that was kiboshed by my kiddies.

More accurately by E’s blankie.

Yes you read that right. E’s blankie took up my “free” time today.

This you see is Eden’s blankie:

E's Blankie - pre-repair

E’s Blankie – pre-repair

If any of you have children with a blankie attachment you will understand that this is a HUGE problem. Like devastating, earth shattering, world stopping and, most dreadfully sleep ending.

I made this blanket for E before she was born. I actually made a number of blankets for her before she was born, this is the one she became attached to.

She’s been sleeping bum in the air face mashed in this blanket since she was about 7 months old.

When I noticed that one of the strands of yarn had broken and begun to unravel I asked E for permission (because you don’t mess with the blankie) to repair it.

This is what it looks like now:

E's Blankie with a temporary repair

E’s Blankie with a temporary repair

I intend to get more “matching” yarn (I say it like that because it’s so faded and dingy that getting new yarn in the original colour is not really going to match) to make a new square to sew over top but when we went to Walmart today to purchase said yarn they no longer had the right colour.

In some ways this follows my marriage theme because as much as Curtis and I try to make our relationship the priority sometimes the kids rule the roost.

In this particular case fixing this blankie and keeping it in good shape is a much better use of my time in the long term to keep everyone around here happy. Sometimes you have to sacrifice in the short term to make a worthwhile long term investment!


The Calm

Welcome Baby Lorelei

I am thrilled to announce that on Jan 27 2014 we welcomed Lorelei Nevaeha McHale into our family. She was 7lbs 9oz, born at 3:21 in the afternoon.  She is a joy and a treasure and we are so happy to have her.

The Process - she'll be here soon!

The Process – she’ll be here soon!

Rather than bore you with the details of her birth I thought I’d share a few pics caught by our friend and amazing birth photographer Jenn Foik. I have to admit that I was a bit unsure about having a birth photographer come, however because I delivered E quickly we missed all the good photo ops at her birth – we left the camera in the car and didn’t have time to get it – we didn’t want to miss out again.

LOVE her!

LOVE her!

There are also a number of shots that we just wouldn’t get if we didn’t have someone else there clicking happily away – things like Curtis cutting the cord, or holding the baby for the first time. Having Jenn there to document our life allowed us both to just be present. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made. The pictures she took are stunning, it brings tears to my eyes to look at them, they are so beautiful it hurts. I can’t thank her enough for the service she provided us!

Getting to know her

Getting to know her

I also want to thank our awesome midwives, Cheryl Mount, and her student Erin Liang from Chilliwack Midwifery. The care they provided in both pre and postnatal visits was amazing and it made this process so much easier. I loved having them available to call for advice or information between appointments knowing that they would always take the time to give me the answers I needed.

Meeting Daddy

Meeting Daddy

I’ll leave you with my absolute favourite shot, there really aren’t words to express the emotion that Jenn captured in this picture. I want to print it on a huge canvas and hang it in my room.

The Calm

The Calm


All photos are courtesy of Jennifer Foik Photography



A pic from our 15 week Ultrasound (2 1/2 weeks ago)

Big News in the McHale Household!

While I’ve casually dropped this bomb in another post recently this is BIG NEWS in the McHale household and deserves it’s own space. (I’ve also been getting random emails from friends and family asking me to confirm the “rumor” so I thought it might be time to make an official announcement). There are a number of reasons I’ve been fairly quiet this summer the largest of which is this…

The McHale Family is Expecting!

We are blessed and excited to share that in January of 2014 our little family of three will be growing by one small family member and we’ll be joining the ranks of thousands of other family’s out there with two kids. Yup McHale Baby #2 arrives in January.

A pic from our 15 week Ultrasound (2 1/2 weeks ago)

A pic from our 15 week Ultrasound

So along with all the other activities and craziness that summer brings I’ve been traveling through the early stages of pregnancy and well, writing has fallen to the wayside.

Now our “secret” is out, we’ve past half way (23 1/2 weeks now meaning 16 1/2 to go), and hopefully I can find more time to put into posting again as we enter into fall!