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A few weeks ago I went for a hair cut. This may not be a big deal to many of you but it was my first cut in at least 3 years.Yes, you read that right 3 years. It was time for a new look!

I’d love to tell you that I purposely let it grow so that I would have enough to donate it but the truth is I was just lazy. Getting a cut was not a priority.

Finally, after about a year of saying it needed to be a priority I made it one. It felt SOOOOOOO GOOOOD! (And now, three weeks later it STILL feels so good, wow that head of hair was HEAVY!)

A friend and referred me to Tarise at Signature Hair Lounge here in Chilliack and she got me in within a week of my call.

While I was waiting for my appointment my cousin made a Facebook post about donating her hair to the Canadian Cancer Society. Years ago I looked into making a hair donation however I had a hard time finding a Canadian organization to send it to. So when I saw my cousin’s post I thought I would check it out.

WOW, it was SO easy! I found the Canadian Cancer Society’s website and searched Hair Donation. They have a whole page dedicated to it on their site and it was easy to find. On the page you’ll find their donation guidelines. This includes things like the minimum length for donation, hair must be clean, in a ponytail when it’s cut not swept off the floor etc. Definitely take the time to read it before heading for your cut if you intend to do this.

The Cancer Society works with Pantene Beautiful Lengths and you can even print off the mailing label right from the website FOR FREE. It literally cost me nothing more than the haircut I was planning on getting anyway to send my hair to this great cause.

Now I also have to tell you that Tarise did an awesome job. I didn’t give her many stipulations just that I wanted to cut at least 8″ to meet the minimum to donate (I ended up cutting 15″). AND most importantly since I knew the 8″ stipulation would be easy whatever was left ALL had to fit into a ponytail for running.

Now I don’t know about you but any time I’ve ever sat in that chair and said “please make sure it still fits in a ponytail”, I’ve often left the salon with about two inches less hair than I need to actually accomplish that. I knew giving her free reign was a risk and I was willing to take it HOWEVER I am sitting here writing this with ALL my hair in a ponytail – she ACTUALLY did it which is amazing. My hair looks GREAT! It takes a bit of work to style it the way I like it if I’m going to leave it down but it looks and feels awesome AND it met my ponytail requirement. So thank you Tarise for being awesome. I will be a repeat customer! (I booked my next trim before I left to ensure that I got back for it.)

So, if you’re looking to get a cut I highly recommend Tarise and if you have at least 8″ of hair to part with then I would strongly encourage you to follow the links above and get it done. It feels great, and it’s one of the easiest ways I’ve ever come across to make a tangible difference in someone’s life. There’s really no excuse not to!

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