Family snack break at the lake (we didn't actually take any pictures of the lake this time!)

Family Hike to Lindeman Lake

We decided to spend last Sunday on a family hike to Lindeman Lake. It’s a fairly short hike but it’s very bouldery so it’s a little bit of a challenge for little legs. It’s also one of the items on our Summer Bucket List, and the first one that Curtis has been with us to complete.


Curtis has been gone a lot (for us) over this summer and this was one of his first weekends home since the end of May. It was so nice to have him around! Normally we would go to church on Sunday morning, however we wanted to get in some good family time and Sunday was the easiest day to do it.


Curtis & E on the trail together :)

Curtis & E on the trail together 🙂

We have both been outdoor enthusiasts since long before we met. We’ve guided canoe trips, rock climbed, whitewater kayaked, and generally done our best to spend as much time outside as possible. Now we want to instill that love of the outdoors into our kids.


For me there is no better place to connect with God and myself then in the bush away from the many distractions that daily life holds. Something deep inside of me is at rest when I’m out. It’s not a feeling that I EVER experience when I’m home or bumming around the city. It is a feeling that I want to share with my kids.


L enjoying a little bit of freedom

L enjoying a little bit of freedom

Over the last number of years we’ve been trying to find our outdoor groove. Trying to find the best way to get ourselves and our family out there. We don’t own a Canoe and as much as we would love to we also have nowhere to store it. Whitewater kayaking isn’t currently a good fit for us or our family, and we just haven’t been climbing. Truthfully most of our climbing gear has probably sat long enough now to warrant replacing rather than using.


Hiking seems to be a good fit for us. E is happy to walk along and soak in the sights of the forest. The leaves, sticks, trail, rocks, streams etc. she enjoys them and chats away happily as we walk. L Loves to be snuggled against me in our Ergobaby Carrier. She sleeps most of the time, and when she’s awake she looks around, smiles and coo’s up at me. It’s fabulous.


Family snack break at the lake (we didn't actually take any pictures of the lake this time!)

Family snack break at the lake (we didn’t actually take any pictures of the lake this time!)

All that said we decided that we’d head up to Lindeman on the weekend. It’s such a lovely hike. The lake is beautiful, the scenery is great, and it’s a short enough distance that little legs can easily make it there and back without tiring too much. (Read before major whining sets in.)


Truthfully I think that E would have walked to the moon and back if it meant that she could be alongside her Daddy. That kid is Daddy’s girl and she has missed her Daddy dearly while he’s been away this summer. Watching her trot along beside him and chat away with him was precious.


Crossing the log bridge on the way down

Crossing the log bridge on the way down

It also helps that Curtis has promised to take her on her first overnight hiking trip later this summer. He still hasn’t decided exactly where he’s going but she is VERY excited and is always eager to practice. We picked up a small kids pack earlier this summer and she LOVES carrying it with a few little things in it – usually nothing more than a snack and some water. She wants to be ready to go with Dad!


All in all it was a fabulous day and I can’t wait to go on a few more hikes together this summer. Hopefully we’ll even get to do a few with friends!

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  1. Beautiful Cynthia! Looks like some great family time…those will be cherished memories for you guys as parents and for those sweet girls! 🙂


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