McHale Family Summer Fun Bucket List 2014

Ok, so if you know me well you’ll know that I LIKE lists. LOVE THEM in fact. This summer we’ve decided to make a summer fun bucket list.

What is this you ask? Well it’s a list of activities we’re going to try to accomplish this summer.

We’re not taking holidays this summer for a number of reasons but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! So the list. Most items as you’ll see are low/no cost which makes it easy to tick them off.

There are some things’s we’ll do more than once, there are somethings that we won’t get to. That’s ok. It’s all in the spirit of keeping us busy and having a TON of fun, so that we don’t waste the good summer weather doing nothing – or laundry.

I thought I’d share the list with you. Maybe some of you want to join us, we LOVE taking friends along. Maybe it will inspire you to make a list of your own!

Here you are:

  • Go camping
  • Take a family bike ride & have a picnic
  • Go to the waterpark
  • Hit up Castle Fun Park
  • Go to the Mill Lake Splash Park
  • Make a trip to the Zoo
  • Take Daddy to the beach at White Rock
  • Write a letter to our friend in Myramar (hopefully more than one)
  • Head to Portage Park
  • Visit Bridal Falls
  • Hit the beach at Chilliwack Lake
  • Get ice cream cones!
  • Hike Teapot hill & retire our old teapot (shhhh don’t tell)
  • Go to the beach at Hicks Lake
  • Play mini golf
  • Go canoeing/kayaking
  • Have a beach day at the river (Chilliwack River to be clear)
  • Enjoy the beach at Harrison & maybe fly our kite!
  • Go to Party in the Park
  • Hike Lindeman
  • Go to a Fair
  • Do an overnight Hike w/ Daddy (E & Daddy solo)
  • Hike Cheam
  • Make Blackberry Jam – YUM
  • Build a huge sandcastle – we may need to enlist Uncle Mark for this one he’s the best sandcastle builder 😉
  • Have a campfire
  • Go to the Library
  • Find a new park in Chilliwack
  • Have a family Beach day at Cultus

So far we’ve managed to do a couple things each week, and I’ve been helping E keep a journal describing the things we’ve done. I’ve also started using a journaling app on my phone called Day One to keep track of our summer fun. It’s neat I wish I’d started using it a long time ago!

Are we missing something? Let me know!


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