Food Considerations – Clean Eating in the McHale Household

I’m on a quest to improve our family’s eating habits. Most people would say that we are pretty healthy eaters, for the most part I would agree, but I think we can do better. I’m thinking about cutting out all processed foods. I say it like that because I realize that it’s next to impossible to cut them ALL out, but that’s not going to stop me from trying. I think I’m also going to slowly work towards switching us over to organic foods whenever possible, and I’m seriously considering cutting wheat and gluten from our diets but I need to do a bit more reading about that.

As it is we eat mostly “whole” foods if you would. Meaning that I chop steam and serve the vegetables (or we eat them raw) we eat a lot of fruits, and meat is generally served in it’s natural state – meaning we don’t really do prepared meals, we cook pretty much everything from scratch and I generally season it myself with ingredients from my cupboards. There are however some things that we don’t do so well with. Like Friday night Pizza, generally the frozen variety. I always used to make it and actually came up with an awesome whole wheat dough recipe, but I work full time and find it hard to squeeze the Fri night pizza into my week. Oh, then add the junk that we usually eat on Friday nights after E has gone to bed and we’ve generally just had one very unhealthy evening and eaten our fill of processed food for the week. The Hubby will go along with my healthy eating ploy, as long as I don’t mess with the pizza, so this will require that I start making it myself again, but I’m ok with that we all liked it better that way anyway.

So what is my motivation you ask. Well, E has had some ongoing digestive problems for about 14 months now and while I do feel that our family Dr. and the other Dr’s and pediatricians’ that we’ve seen have been helpful and done the best they can to solve my daughters problem, I feel that they have merely treated the symptom (chronic constipation) with meds, and not the problem. I have asked repeatedly if these problems could be related to food allergies and treated with diet modification and am repeatedly reassured that the drug she’s on is perfectly safe for extended use – as in years – and that it may take that long for this problem to resolve itself. I’m getting a little fed up and feeling like it’s time to start experimenting. I’ve had the niggling feeling since the beginning that I should start experimenting with diet but the task has seemed daunting so I haven’t done it. So why now? The medication she’s taking is no longer proving to be effective, and my TWO year old is taking an almost adult sized dose of it twice daily. We are really struggling right now to find the balance of regularity for her without tipping the scales one way or the other and creating further problems.

I’m running into problems figuring out exactly where to go with this though. I’ve been reading a number of very helpful blogs and am starting to gain a bit more understanding of the logistics but what I run into is that I work full time and it seems to me that preparing the even healthier meals that I’m considering will take even more time. I’m not sure that I have it. I’m also a little worried about the $ end of this decision. I already feel that the $600/month that we spend on groceries is exorbitant and going organic will increase the bill even more, not sure where that extra $ will come from. As far as wheat and gluten go, I would really like to cut them out but a lot of products available that are wheat and gluten free have nut/peanut warnings on them. I have also found this with organic products in the past.

You never know until you try though, and the health benefits alone of Clean Eating (specifically some cases of it resolving similar digestive problems to E’s and the child being able to go off the meds) are worth it to me. What’s the worst that can happen? We try it for a few months and find it doesn’t quite cut it, well then we’ll go back to the same old same old and no harm is done. I’ll keep you posted on our progress with food as I learn more about this and start making changes. 2013 is a year of change in the McHale house why not change food too!

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  1. I think feeding my family is one of my biggest challenges! I’m not a food person but luckily my husband is and he does much more of the prep work and actual cooking. My son is almost one and a half and we haven’t had serious constipation issues, but I do find that there is a mysterious balance to keeping him regular that I just don’t have the hang of yet. I’m hoping that as he becomes a little more settled in his eating habits (and is able to actually talk to us and name the foods) that this will improve. Look forward to reading about more updates from your family too!


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